About the blog

This blog, which is an extension of a project I began in 2012, is devoted to the exploration of moral issues in gaming.  While most of the posts focus on video games, other kinds of gaming are, well, fair game.  My hope is that the blog will become part of the larger conversation about the use of games in discourses of morality, ethics, and philosophy.  Furthermore, I offer this blog as an example of the way in which we can begin to take gaming seriously as a genre in its own right.  As a veteran English teacher, I have often been impressed by the rich storytelling tradition in gaming, and I believe that we will eventually look at games the way we look at novels, movies, TV shows, and poetry.  After all, the first novels were dismissed as morally corrosive non-literature; now we hold them up as pinnacles of our intellectual and artistic achievement.

Please enjoy, and please feel free to participate in the conversation!


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